Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This time is 小生 first time write blog in English,

Haiz, cham Liao!

My first time write English blog sure very

My friends sure laugh oneself into convulsion but never mind,

I want to challenge my weakness in English.

Feel Scare to English

When I want to write or speak some thing in English,

I don’t know why I can’t figure out or pronounce English vocabulary properly,

I had to think for a long time. How to overcome my scare leh?

Learn English

How to learn English effectively?

Many people (including me) always said that the way to improve English is by read more articles and always communicate with friends in English but we can’t think only without taking any action. (This is my first step by writting blog in English). I hope my friends who want to improve their English would play around with the English words. After 10 years when we gather together, we can try to use English to communicate.


I really jealous with my friends that are good in English like老板, 保险佬, Pris女郎 (English 还好而已) and Uncle Lim X g.friend. I think other friends standard same as me only. (Not very good and not very bad)

One day, I promised I will speak English with u all. (I swear)

My Swear (after 10 years)

I swear I will speak English with 老板;

I swear I will sing k in English song with Pris女郎;

I swear I will say some laugh line in English with保险佬;

I swear I will play around with the English vocabulary with Uncle Lim X g.friend.

Stop laugh fit to kill; I know my English is really 烂,

But I will improve, you all wait and see.


  1. 加油(:期待十年能够见到你说着满口流利的英文..

  2. i tell u la...
    sometimes say some broken english oso can de la...
    as long can make ppl understand den can liao lo~
    ok, joking joking~

    the main point is: dun scare to talk!

  3. yalo yalo, i oso feel the same with u. I m now trying my best to speak english.
    everyone, please lend me ur hand for this...

  4. Hahaha....wei, not necessarily to add 'hai hao er yi' at the back,sound ironic. Haha...just kidding, but you are right, my english is not very good. Next time, let's sing english songs together=)

    p/s: manglish is available among us, no worries=) But not over extravagent with 'la, ba and meh'...hahaha

  5. 比上不足,比下有余:)